Zombie Ball rolls into the App Store this week

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(for immediate release)

ZAGREB, CROATIA – Zombie Ball, a zombie squishing action game by Hindarium will be available on May 26th on the App Store for $1.99.

The game puts player in control of a giant metal ball, latest invention from the crazy professor’s garage, on a mission to rescue a small suburban neighborhood from the clutches of zombie invasion… by squishing them all!

Zombie Ball features unique gameplay style where player controls the ball movement by tilting his device and must roll over waves of zombies before they break into neighbors’ houses and eat their brains.

To better match personal fighting style, player can customize the ball inside the Ball Lab with powerful gadgets and wacky skins. Arsenal includes gadgets such as Tar to slow the zombies down, Napalm to burn them, or Shotgun without which a zombie apocalypse is simply unimaginable. One can also choose skins such as the angry Yellow Monster, or perhaps the Pirate skin for all the zombie-loving mates out there.

Game Features:

  • over 40 levels of zombie squishing frenzy
  • 3 different game modes: arcade, survival and timed
  • 10 unlockable gadgets (shotgun, mine, laser and others)
  • 18 unlockable skins
  • 4 unique audio tracks
  • online leaderboards

Zombie Ball is the first project from Hindarium, a small indie team from Zagreb, Croatia currently focused on iOS game development.

Game web site: http://zombieball.hindarium.com/
Game trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlX_GhkieDA
Team web site: http://www.hindarium.com/
Contact email: contact@hindarium.com
Press kit: http://zombieball.hindarium.com/press_kit.zip